Art supplies - Watercolour Paper

17 Mar 2020

In this second article about the art supplies which I use, we're looking at watercolour paper.


I don't use very expensive watercolour paper, as I find that the paper from WHSmith works really well. I like the way the paint sits on it. I use the pads and stretch the paper on a board, as it's only 300gsm. I have a video on how to do this - How to stretch watercolour paper

I've recently discovered watercolour blocks which takes away the need to stretch your paper. There are multiple pages in the block, which are gummed together round the sides. This keeps the top page flat and tight and less likely to buckle. Once you've finished your painting, you ease a craft knife into the gap and cut the gummed part to release the paper. This is really handy if you want to do a painting outdoors.

For my handmade cards, I use a thicker paper which I buy in sheets. This is 425gsm which is thick enough to take the water and not buckle.


Let me know in the comments, what watercolour paper is your favourite!

Please note that these are personal choices of which materials to use and I am not sponsored in any way by any of the companies of the supplies that I use.

If you'd like see the YouTube video about watercolour paper, please click here >>> Art supplies - watercolour paper

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