Christmas Cards ~ Give Something Thoughtful This Year

Christmas Cards ~ Give Something Thoughtful This Year

I think that now more than ever, it's lovely to give out thoughtful Christmas cards to your loved ones.

Now that it's November I feel I can start to talk about Christmas cards, although I'm hoping that not everyone will have been mega organised and already bought their cards!

There are four cards in the range at the moment - the ever popular "Elephant Decorating the Christmas Tree", new for last year "Santa Paws" and end of line "Poinsettia" and "Winter Trees #1".


"Elephant Decorating the Christmas Tree" came about when my son was little. We were having one of those funny discussions about what an elephant would look like on a very high, thin ladder. I started thinking how I could use this in a painting and the elephant appeared.

The two end of line cards were some of my first Christmas card designs and I feel that it's time for a couple of new designs. Hopefully I'll get to work on those soon!

Ooops I almost forgot about the Morpeth Clock Tower Christmas card! This is only available in The Chantry in Morpeth. I'm looking to add to the North East Christmas cards range so if you have any suggestions of good scenes then do let me know.

Cards are available individually or in packs of three. Links below:

"Elephant Decorating the Christmas Tree"

"Santa Paws"


"Winter Trees #1"

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