Gillian Cross Art ~ My Story

Artist at work


According to old school reports, I've always loved drawing and painting so maybe it was natural that I would have a creative career.


I originally started out as a photographer, working for someone else before I left when my son was two. I embarked on self employment, running the main photography business alongside selling my art for the first time and with the freedom to be there for my son as he grew up. I enjoyed being able to have that freedom to watch him grow up but I was never really very good at marketing myself as a photographer.


When the world went crazy in 2020, I had already slowed right down on promoting the photography business. The pandemic gave me that push to concentrate solely on the art and I officially closed the photography business. It was a hard thing to do as that is all I'd ever done and I love imagery and taking photos.


When I decided to solely pursue the art business, I didn't feel like I really had a coherent style. I have an eclectic range of art styles, but as I produced more work, I began to see a style emerging across my different mediums.


My main passion is watercolours. I just love their unpredictability and the delicate freshness they have. My passions outside of art are the natural world, looking after our environment and spending time outside in beautiful places.


I guess those passions are what inspire me to paint the landscapes that I do. I love going on days out, just sitting in a peaceful place sketching. If I can convey that peaceful feeling through my artwork and have it enjoyed by someone else in their own home, then I'm happy.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoy browsing through the shop and that you find something special enough to want to have in your home.

Gillian Cross Art