With Determination, Everyone Can Enjoy Making Art

With Determination, Everyone Can Enjoy Making Art

I have been teaching nature sketching classes at Koru in Gosforth since May 2023. It's such a lovely venue with an emphasis on community and I'm delighted that sometimes students stay to have a pizza, or they book on the class because they enjoy coming to Koru.

I'm especially delighted when people book onto another class, even when they don't think they're any good at art.

One regular at Koru was having coffee there on the morning of my first class back in May. She spotted the class from a distance and came over at the end to have a look. She said she'd love to have a go but didn't have the confidence. I told her that anyone could try and it would be lovely to see her at a class.

The first one she booked onto was in September. We were sketching ferns. I go through each of the stages with the two groups but will always give help to any individual who needs it.

She was struggling with drawing the ferns so I helped by drawing a rough guide for the leaves and then drawing the detailed leaf over the top. Before I had come across, she was so frustrated with herself that she had almost walked out. I drew the guides for the leaves onto her watercolour paper and then she felt confident to complete the details.

I had to give minimal help on the painting and this is the sketch she produced. She was so glad she had persevered and was thrilled that she'd painted this sketch. She immediately booked the next session.

fern nature sketching class

In October we were sketching pumpkins. I had thought that last classes success would give her some more confidence but the same thing happened again. She almost walked out in frustration with herself. Again, some guidance and encouragement persuaded her that she could do it. Once she got past that block, she was away and painted this fabulous sketch.

pumpkins sketch

Again, determined to progress with this new skill, she booked onto the next class. Robins for the winter season. A few people had to have guidance on how to break down the robin into shapes and I can't really remember having to give her any more help than anyone else. Her robin was absolutely beautiful. The holly was optional but she still gave it a go.

robin sketching class

I'm so proud and in awe of her determination to keep coming back, even when she was so close to giving up.

With determination and practise, anyone can enjoy making art.

And guess what...?

She booked the next class.

Unfortunately due to ill health she hasn't been able to attend any this year but I'm looking forward to seeing her sketches in future classes.

If you've been inspired by this story and would like to book a class, then take a look at the upcoming dates here ~ Gillian Cross Art Classes

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